A Remote Start Changed My Life!

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July 30, 2018
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October 24, 2018
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We hear that often at Chronos Specialty Auto works and Fall is the perfect time to have us install one for you. Moms and Dads love saving time and getting the jump on the day with a warmed up and defrosted car as they try to get out of the house on time on those crazy mornings with school and sporting events. Professionals can warm up their cars as a courtesy for their clients for that special touch on the way to a meeting or showing. And Caregivers can warm their cars up for their loved ones as they prepare for a special day out or those long trips to the doctor. Everyone can find their special reason for using their remote start from Chronos.

Fall is a great time to get into a remote car starter. Beat the winter rush and enjoy the benefits long before Old Man Winter takes hold of you.

How do I know which Remote Start will work best for me?

Chronos Specialty Auto Works makes it easy. Our professionals ask the right questions and find out the what will work best for you and your budget. Chronos offers simple one button remote starts for the ultimate in simplicity, basic 1-way transmitter units, 2-way confirming remotes, Cellular apps for unlimited range and convenience, and even the new Code-Alarm bluetooth phone app with no annual fee and up to a two-mile range! So let us help you choose the right remote start for you and your vehicle today and start your season off right!

As the weather shifts from hot and humid to cool and damp we experience those chilly mornings with dew and even light frost. Now is the time to avoid the Winter rush and get your Remote Start installed now.  From Moms and Dads to Real Estate Agents and Doctors, and especially Caregivers.