What is it about the automobile that makes us feel so special?

The Long Road
October 24, 2018
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November 30, 2018

What is it about the automobile that makes us feel so special? Perhaps it’s the memories of your first car, the hours spent with friends and family while restoring a favorite classic or the smell of the interior of your first new car. They are all profound memories that resonate with us for our entire lives. I can say that at even after more than 30 years after I drove onto the streets with my new drivers license for the first time that I can remember just about everything about that day. It started raining as I pulled onto the road in My red 1972 Ford Maverick with its peppy 200 cubic inch six cylinder engine and 3-speed manual transmission. The mag style wheels spun on the wet pavement as I ceremoniously put the accelerator to the floor and eased up on the clutch pedal at the same time. Needless to say I was a pretty big deal, haha. But in my mind it might as well have been a Ferrari. It had an 8 track tape player with a power booster equalizer on the 6×9 speakers and really got with the program, at least from my point of view as a 16 year old. Getting your license was a big enough deal, but driving around with your music, in your car at full volume was unforgettable. Freedom. True freedom rang out from my speakers as I had never experienced before.

My goal with Chronos Specialty Auto Works is to preserve that feeling of freedom and unique perspective that an individual can only get with a sense of ownership and investment of time and hard earned money. I still get a sense of accomplishment when I press the iconic button that remote starts my vehicle from my phone on a freezing cold day. I think about how wonderful it is that I can reward myself with such a luxury. Even more so, I am delighted that I can support so many people and companies that were involved in designing, manufacturing, distributing, selling and installing this little wonder of technology. The same goes for everything in my life that offers me value over cost. It is difficult to put a monetary value on many things in our life. I get the greatest satisfaction from working with people in my life that promote creativity and offer unique and valuable solutions. That is what we strive to do. It is easy to see from the moment you come into our store that we are different. We are problem solvers, we are creative and we offer exceptional value.

In Time

Bruce Wiegand
Chronos Specialty Auto Works