You Have a Choice!

What is it about the automobile that makes us feel so special?
November 9, 2018

Chronos Specialty Auto Works is a fresh choice in a world of stale options.

I’m sure some of you remember the 1992, Eddie Murphy hit movie: The Distinguished Gentleman. Eddie Murphy played a con man who uses the passing of a long time Congressman from his district, who he just so happens to share the same last name with as the basis for his ruse. He ran on a campaign that essentially used the long standing name of an established man by encouraging people to vote for a name you know. Vote for a name you know?…..I don’t think so. And I will tell you why.

Think about this for a minute. Entrusting something as important as your one and only vote, to someone based merely on name recognition? Sounds absurd doesn’t it? But every time you spend your hard earned money with a business just because they have a recognizable name is just as obtuse. In the wonderful world of car audio and electronics you must pay attention to the details. Price is not the same thing as value. Period. If you are buying a big group coupon item, you should be aware of potential add ons and up-charges. Where is your value now? Not to mention the disappointment of getting this ridiculous price you were promised. And let’s be honest, you almost always get what you pay for. If you are living life to the fullest then your standards should always be higher than the “norm”.

One might argue “I’ve been going to _______ for years”. Thats an easy one. If you haven’t looked at other options, you most likely have lost track of current trends and offerings. There is a whole new world of technology out there. You can be assured that you will not find a more high tech installation facility anywhere in the area. Chronos offers Digital Sound Processing and state of the are testing and tuning equipment such as the Audison Bit-Tune, and Kicker Q Class with its built in DSP and bluetooth amplifier connection. We also have a full size CNC router in house for those stunning and precise installation details made of wood, plastics, acrylics and metals such as aluminum and more. We also have a full service custom upholstery shop right in house, ready to upgrade your seats or maybe even wrap that custom subwoofer enclosure in matching leather with a beautiful contrasting french seam. Think outside the box and demand quality and craftsmanship.

Educate yourself and I’m sure you will agree that the clear choice is Chronos Specialty Auto Works. We are the new age professionals that will help you achieve your dreams.

In Time,

Bruce Wiegand