Paint Protection Film/Window Tinting

Chronos Specialty Auto Works has Teamed up with Scorpion Window Film to offer you the highest quality film for Window Tinting and Paint Protection Film (aka Clear Bra). Combine that with a sophisticated computerized plotter for the highest precision patterns and factory trained professional installation and you have won the Window and Paint Protection Lottery!

Our Venom and Shield lines are top quality Carbon Ceramic and Carbon NanoCeramic window tint films that will block out harmful UV rays and offer substantial Heat rejection. Unlike Dyed Polyester films that actually get their colors from several dyes that have been added to the material and offer little if any UV or Heat Rejection benefits. Our Carbon Ceramic Film gives you a beautiful dark tone that will not fade, due to its actual carbon content making up the color of the film. You can expect these films to look amazing for the life of your car.

Our Paint Protection Film is equally amazing and offers Crystal clear protection year round, even during Nebraska's Harshest Winters. Our extensive database covers nearly every modern car and many classics too. We have packages that cover everything from a Hood and Mirrors to Bumpers, Spoilers, Headlights, Pillars, Fenders, Fog Lights, Rocker Panels, Rear Bumper Cover, Tailgate Liftovers, Door Edge Guards and Sill areas, Grilles and even Door Handle Cups to keep your car looking fresh for years to come. Excellent for Leased Vehicles and Collector Cars too.

Let us help you pick out the Tint and Paint Protection plan that is right for you!